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SOAP [M² Cleansing Soap]

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SOAP [M² Cleansing Soap]

One-stop beauty treatment soap that eliminates makeup and wastes with helping nutrition supply.

M² (mineral complex) soap was prized as “The best scientific invention” by IFIA and “Gold Medal” by Seoul International Invention Fair in 2013. M² provides all in one solution of excellent effects on anti-bacteria, deep cleansing, and eliminating skin wastes.

Due to the fact that M² (contains natural minerals only) excellently inhibits 99.9% of E-coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, P-acnes, and such harmful materials within 5 minutes, it was selected as “Excellent invention for preferential purchasing product (Functional soap and skin treatment product with excellent anti-bacteria effects and safety)” by The Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2014.

It can be used for even sensitive skins without any worries because M² soaps are free from chemical ingredients such as paraben and surfactant.

Unlike foam cleansing, there is no slippery feeling left after washing out makeup with M² mineral soap.
The natural solution of M² eliminates makeup and residue in deep skin with no chemical ingredients. In addition, it also effectively helps to eliminate sebum, deal skin, and skin waste that are common troubles of women.

M² mineral soap contains not only M²(natural mineral complex) but also high grade natural ingredients such as aloe, jojoba oil, Chamomile and hyaluronic acid that are beneficial to skin treatment and nutrition supply.

You can feel more cleanliness with luxurious natural scent when you remove point makeup first and then lather face with M² cleansing soap for 2~3 minutes.



  • Outstanding anti-bacterial effect
    (inhibit 99.9% of E-coli, staphylococcus aureus and salmonella within 5 minutes)
  • Outstanding effect on acne (6.0mm of inhibition zone against P-acnes)
  • Registered to KFDA as quasi-dr ug for treatment of skin troubles
  • The first soap in Korea which has been clinically tested for atopy treatment
  • Contain natural ingredients only
  • Verified safety (No steroi ds, No heavy metals, No harmful substances)
  • Contain aloe, jojoba oil, and hyaluronic acid that are beneficial to skin treatment


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SOAP -M- Cleansing Soap-

SOAP -M- Cleansing Soap-

SOAP -M- Cleansing Soap-

SOAP -M- Cleansing Soap-